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Welcome to [community profile] the_unusuals_fic, a fanfiction community for The Unusuals.

  • Golden Rule: Treat others the way you'd like them to treat you. Respect your fellow community members. No flaming.
  • This community welcomes fanfiction of all types, genres, length and pairings.
  • Use the header when posting to the community. You may add to the header if you'd like, but you must include everything listed.
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  • We are using the Fiction Ratings System.
  • Fic longer than 100 words must go behind a cut (leaving the header outside the cut).
  • Fic that includes spoilers must include a warning (up to one week following the airing of the episode you are including spoilers from) and go behind a cut.
  • Do not use letters or ship names to refer to pairings.
  • This is a community for fanfiction for The Unusuals. Crossovers are allowed, if The Unusuals characters are either prominent or given at least equal time. Please go to [community profile] the_unusuals for discussion and [community profile] the_unusuals_pics for graphics.
  • No plagiarism allowed.
  • Feedback: Everyone likes hearing how they did. Readers, please give feedback to the authors. Authors, accept feedback graciously.
  • If you wish to post a community advertisement, please contact me either through the Mod Post or via PM.
  • If you would like a tag added, please comment here.

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